It takes a village

   The saying goes… “It takes a village”, and it got me to thinking, what happens when you don’t have a “village”? What if the “village” is really more or less the teachers at their school, and a Woman who is always about two steps away from a nervous breakdown?😜 Lol. You see, this little gig called Motherhood, is not a job for the faint of heart, and the more children you have, and the closer in age they are, the harder it gets. I can’t be the only mad woman with a 9 yr old, a set of 6 yr old twins, and a 5 yr old, can I? 3 of which are BOYS, which really, says it all😉  
   As Moms we get so caught up in painting a picture of a “perfect” family, with the “perfect” life. Newsflash, that’s BULL.SHIT. We are all losing our shit, at some level, on any given day. Yeah there are those sweet moments throughout the day when the kids are playing nice together and not breaking everything in their paths, or when they just want to sit and snuggle and hold hands and be lovey. Cherish those moments, enjoy the cuddles, it goes so fast… but don’t for one second think that is every day life. We only see everyone else’s highlight reel. 

   I started this blog in hopes to remind Women of that. We are our own worst critics and put SO much pressure on ourselves because of society’s ridiculous idea of perfection in everything we do. There IS no “perfect” in Parenting and in Motherhood. Life’s a circus, and really isn’t that when we learn the most? When we see someone jump through a million hoops, and juggle too many balls for their hands? When someone continues to get back up no matter how many times they get knocked down again? That’s what those little eyes are watching, that’s what those little eyes will remember.

   So why don’t we start being that “village” for each other TOO. Trust me when I say yours aren’t the only children who eat Pizza rolls, Macaroni, and Quesadillas instead of vegetables. Yours aren’t the only kids whose baths are more a dip in the pool in summertime. And I can ASSURE you, Your 5 year old isn’t the only one who’s called his brother an Asshole (He really was acting like one though haha) Lets start supporting our fellow Moms a little bit more. Let’s work on being that village for each other, so we can in turn, be a STRONGER village for our children❤


Grocery Shopping with kids

   Alright Parents, y’all feel me on this one?! Who in their right mind takes 4 kids grocery shopping? Unfortunately, this Mama right here(Don’t worry, I really lost my mind loonngg ago😉) 

    As a family of 6, one cart and spending under $300 is a downright joke; leaving the store and forgetting half of your list is more common than not, and It’s really more like an epsidode of Animals Gone Wild, except without the tranquilizers.😂 

   To try and get four kids to agree on ANYTHING, is like pulling teeth and I’m sure is far more painful, and probably cheaper. Hell, I’d take a trip to the Dentist over a trip to the store with kids ANY day. 

   If you’ve managed to survive up to this point, brace yourselves, the check-out line is next. This is the place all parents dreams go to die. If watching your bank account slowly dwindle away isn’t bad enough, yeah, you get to play Tetris and put all that shit away at home too. Yay for Motherhood. They really should include grocery shopping with children in Sex ed.